We Open Our hearts to God and Our Arms to Others

Sunday Morning Worship Service Begins at 10:30 AM

Why Triangle Baptist?

Every church has its own personality, its own unique church culture. We invited five people in our church to answer the question, “Why Triangle Baptist?” In each video you will hear from a different voice from the Triangle Baptist family on why they chose to be a part of this church family and what the church means to them.

The voices are a mix of men and women, ages, length of time they have been a part of the church. The videos run about a minute and a half. Take a look and see if Triangle might be the kind of church you are looking for.


A Heart of Worship

Worship at Triangle Baptist is not defined by a style; instead, it is shaped by our Scripture for that service. We pray together, sing together, and hear God’s word for us. Each service is purposefully Christ-centered, intergenerational, reverent, and celebratory. We are invited to claim a heart worship.

Growing in Our Faith

Being a Christian begins with the step of faith of claiming Christ as your redeemer, but then leads us to a life-long journey with Jesus. We seek to create opportunities where you can study the Bible, engage in meaningful faith conversations, and ask the difficult questions that invite us to grow in our faith walk with Jesus.

Loving God & Loving Others

Jesus teaches that we are called to love God with all of our heart, our strength, our mind, and our might and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to show our love for God and love for others in ways big and small. It can be supporting the staff and students at a nearby elementary school, engaging in the work of a children’s home here in NC, or supporting a meaningful ministry halfway around the world.

Life and Ministry

Being a follower of Christ invites us to a heart of worship, a way of growing in our faith, and a life of serving God and loving others. Come discover with us all that this can mean in your life.

There are multiple ways you can get involved. Check out our NEWS page for the latest information on upcoming events and opportunities. Check out our SERVE page to discover how you can connect with our ministries in our community, across the state, and across the globe.

Who We Are

Triangle Baptist Church is a warm and welcoming community of followers of Jesus Christ who strive to grow in discipleship and deepen devotion to God. We seek to love God with heart and soul, mind, and strength, and strive to love others with open arms and open hearts. We worship together in a spirit of reverence and celebration, study together with reflective faith, work together for mission, and honor the unique gifts of each person.

What is a Church Replant?

Triangle Baptist Church has chosen the path to be a “church replant.” A church replant means that while we acknowledge and honor the church’s story, we are moving toward a new and different future. We see the changes in our community and want to become a vital part of our community’s faith story. We believe that God is ready to do something new among us and through us. Triangle Baptist Church has an ideally located church facility and a warm and engaging church family already in place. There is the benefit of a church family ready and eager to make a place for you. But the replant process means that you can also come and experience the excitement of being part of a fresh chapter of life and ministry – a restart of something special. Your gifts, skills, ideas, hopes, and dreams for church will be welcomed and valued. You could become a valued part of the next chapter in the church’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is worship?

The worship service begins at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings and usually runs about an hour.

How do people dress in worship?

The dress in worship is casual. While you might find a few folks in coat and tie, most will be dressed in casual and comfortable clothes.

What is worship like?

Worship at Triangle Baptist tries to hold a balance between reverence and celebration. We want to experience the awe of God’s presence and the joy we find in song side by side. Right now, our primary instrument in worship is the piano, but we anticipate adding a diversity of instruments as those musicians come and join us.

Is there something for my child?

Yes, we have a great team of volunteers ready to make sure that a Sunday here would be a great experience for your child/children. While we are working to grow the children’s ministry, the current team is filled with the kind of folks you would want in the life of your child.

What is expected from me?

You get to decide that. Initially, come with an open mind and an open heart for worship. If you find this is the church for you, then you will be invited to use your gifts, skills, time, and talents in the way that brings you joy and helps you connect with others and live out the gospel story.
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